About Us

Yiqi was born and raised in Chengdu, China. In 1993 she moved to Canada and now resides in Southern Ontario.

As a little girl growing up in China, she found joy, painting in the traditional form of Chinese brush painting, using all the colors of the spectrum. many years later, her love for the colors never left her. After moving to Canada, Yiqi began to work with oils and acrylics using different techniques of painting.

Yiqi’s paintings can be seen around the globe; from universities to doctor’s offices, military bases as well as the homes of public and private collectors. Yiqi’s paintings have graced the cover of a faith-inspired book as well as a home lifestyle magazine.
Nature and its natural beauty have always been the foundation in her paintings, but personal emotion is what gives her art life.

With every piece she creates, Yiqi shows how she is feeling and what she wants viewers to feel through texture and colors. Yiqi believes that emotional and spiritual connection a painting can have is through the eyes of the beholder. Every day her work is evolving, and she strives for her paintings to bring hope and happiness to those who can see them.

When she isn’t painting, Yiqi relaxes with yoga and cooking delicious meals.